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Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Regardless of whether you’re looking for container sales or container hire in Perth, U-Move has a variety of refrigerator containers to suit your needs.

What are Refrigerator Containers?

Refrigerated shipping containers are the perfect solution for anyone looking to transport or store goods that require a temperature-controlled climate.

These containers store general perishable goods, including things like meat, flowers, and many vegetables. They’re also the ideal form of short-term storage for food and drink for events, as well as any excess food stock for businesses.

At U-Move, we provide instant on-site cold and freezer storage that’s available for short and long-term hire. Each of these refrigerated shipping containers are in stock for immediate delivery and can be shipped straight to your door.

Modified Refrigerator Containers Perth

Depending on the type of perishable goods that you need stored, we can also supply shelving to help maximise space inside your modified refrigerator container. This can help make storing a lot of smaller goods easier, as you’ll be able to keep all of your items neat, organised and easily accessible.

Refrigerated Shipping Container Sizes

Our refrigerated shipping containers come in one convenient size, measuring 6m X 2.5m. These containers make storing items that require a climate-controlled space easier than ever.

Typically these containers have the same outside dimensions as a standard shipping container of this size, however, space inside might be slightly smaller because of the refrigeration unit and ventilation requirements.

Quality Refrigerated Shipping Containers Guaranteed

Here at U-Move, we understand how important it is for your goods to be looked after. When it comes to refrigerated containers, this means keeping your goods frozen, chilled or held at the temperature you require.

When you buy or hire a shipping container from an experienced company like U-Move, you can rest assured you’re receiving a good quality container and reliable service.

 If you need a refrigerated shipping container for long or short-term hire in Perth, contact U-Move Australia today!

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